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Data Privacy at CERN is not only a topic for people working at CERN. Also if you are a visitor or if you have a computer account at CERN, your personal data could be processed by CERN.

Be assured that CERN takes data privacy seriously.

CERN is committed to respecting the security and confidentiality of the personal data for which it is responsible, in accordance with its Data Privacy Protection Policy. Data privacy is also an integral component of the Code of Conduct.

In accordance with best practices, CERN processes only such personal data as is required for the proper functioning of the Organization.

Find out more in this section about CERN's data protection framework and its stakeholders. The Terminology page helps you to understand the vocabulary employed in this context.
And for people belonging to the CERN community, we have prepared a set of general frequently asked questions

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  • Data Subjects:
    • You are a data subject when your personal data are processed by CERN.
    • As data subject you have rights with respect to your data.
  • Services:
    • Services are units at CERN that process personal data in order to fullfil their duties.
    • Services have obligations to respect when processing data.
  • External Entities:
    • External entities are CERN's third parties.
    • They may be concerned by CERN's data protection framework, in particular when they are involved in the processing of personal data.