What is CERN's position in relation to the GDPR?

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (“CERN”) is an Intergovernmental Organization with its seat in Geneva, Switzerland. By virtue of its particular legal status, the Organization enjoys certain privileges and immunities under international law.

CERN processes personal data solely in accordance with its internal legislation. CERN’s data privacy framework builds on principles established in its Member States and more generally the European Union, which are implemented through technical and organizational measures. CERN has designated a Data Privacy Adviser (DPA), who provides a competency centre for all issues related to data privacy at CERN.

In any event, as CERN is not subject to any national or similar jurisdiction, disputes in the context of personal data processing shall be resolved in accordance with CERN’s internal legislation or, that failing, by arbitration.

A statement regarding data privacy protection is available online https://home.cern/data-privacy-protection-statement.

CERN will respond to your request in accordance with its internal procedures.