You need personal data from CERN


As external entity, you may be in a situation where you would like to obtain from CERN data of its members of the personnel and use the data for your own purposes.

You work for a mission of one of CERN’s Member States and you want to invite your nationals working at CERN to an event organised by the mission. Therefore, you would like that CERN shares with you the contact details of the persons concerned.

In this context, it is important to note that CERN has a strict data protection framework that limits the disclosure of personal data. As a matter of fact, CERN is allowed to process personal data of its personnel only if it is necessary e.g. for

  • Recruitment
  • Preparation, execution and termination of the contract
  • Exercise of rights and benefits related to employment or association
  • Execution of legal obligations
  • Management, planning and organisation of work
  • Management of equality and diversity in the workplace
  • Health and safety at work
  • Protection of CERN’s or customer’s property

This restricts the possibility for CERN to share personal data with other parties. Without having a compelling purpose and a valid lawful basis CERN must not disclose personal data of individuals.

Therefore, you are encouraged to consider to collect the required personal data directly from the persons concerned. Under certain conditions, CERN’s administrative services can assist you to establish a first contact by dispatching a message on your behalf to the desired target audience at CERN. In the message you should invite the recipients to reply directly to you.

In case this option is not suitable, you are invited to submit a request for data transfer. You will have to justify the necessity of the data, by explaining the exact purposes and your lawful basis, thus enabling CERN to verify if the data transfer is covered by CERN’s legal framework.

In both cases, the Office of Data Privacy is available to guide you through the process. Please feel free to establish a contact by using the request form mentioned below.


Office of Data Privacy
Data Privacy Adviser