How can I access my personnel record or get a copy of it?

When you are a member of the personnel at CERN and you want to access data contained in your personal administrative files (Personal Records, MERIT, medical and Pension Fund files) or get a copy of them, you have the choice to exercise this right:

  1. either by referring to ยง 9 of the Administrative Circular no. 10 (AC 10): every member of the personnel has the right to consult their personal record, in presence of a Human Relations Advisors (HRA).
    A delay to exercise this right is not specified in AC 10 and the files are to be consulted in general either in the premisses of the Records Office, or in the office of or via the HRA. They can make you also copies of documents, if applicable.
    If you want to proceed in this way, please contact directly your HRA or the Records Office, and don't submit a Data Subject Right Request.

  2. or by referring to OC 11, which defines a delay of 90 days for granting access.
    If you prefer this way, you will find corresponding information about the exercise of your right to information on this web site.