Office of Data Privacy (ODP)


The ODP constitutes the centre of expertise for Data Subjects and for Services and External Entities involved in the Processing of Personal Data, on all issues related to the Organization’s data privacy protection.
All issues that relate to data privacy protection shall require the timely involvement of the ODP.

As such, the ODP

  • provides guidance on the implementation of the provisions of the Operational Circular no. 11 and acts as common interface to enable Data Subjects to exercise their rights.
  • is represented in cross-disciplinary working groups to advise on data privacy protection issues.

To be able to exercise its functions, the ODP has access to specific Processing operations where this is essential for the purpose of its functions. However, the ODP is not entitled to access the content of the Personal Data concerned without authorisation from the Director-General.

The ODP is headed and managed by the Data Privacy Adviser (DPA).

Office of Data Privacy
Data Privacy Adviser
Office of Data Privacy
Deputy Data Privacy Adviser