Right to Information


You have the right to be informed!

c To provide data subjects with transparency, CERN commits to creating a privacy notice for each controlling service that is processing personal data. 

The privacy notice tells you what the controlling service does with your personal data, how it uses your data, who it shares them with and how long it keeps them.

The privacy notices of the services are grouped into a central privacy notice, aka "Layered Privacy Notice". So, by consulting our dedicated web page, you can easily consult the list of controlling services and see how different services process your personal data .

The types of data we hold about you will depend on your relationship with us and the reasons why we have it.

We have to have a valid reason to use your data. You might give us this data yourself if you:

  • work at CERN or collaborate with an experiment;
  • apply for a job or provide a reference;
  • attend our events or visit CERN;
  • or subscribe to our newsletters.

Each privacy notice contains a link to a form allowing you to exercice your data subject rights.

c Read CERN's Data Privacy Protection Policy to know more about the general principles regarding personal data processing at CERN.